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The accolade is just the beginning of a year long journey of self discovery and improvement. Helping you build better communicators and stronger leaders

At the formulation phase of the Top 30 Scheme, we recognised the need to support our young talent with a programme to help them transition from good operators to good managers and leaders. We set about creating a programme that was high impact, delivered in a way that made the sessions vibrant, challenging and generated real outcomes. 3 years in and we can say our LEAP Programme has delivered what we set out to achieve. The feedback is consistently brilliant from the individuals attending, and from organisations seeing the change for themselves.

See how the Top 30 Under 30 is so much more than just an award.

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Feedback, especially in the last 2 years, has seen us receive many requests for the LEAP Programme to be made available for purchase beyond the Top 30 scheme. That’s why we are excited to announce that in addition to Top 30 we will also be running the LEAP programme independently throughout 2021. The programme will be available for delivery in house on a limited basis with our principle partners and sponsors receiving priority booking at a preferential rate.

An empowering and unique leadership and communication training programme for under 30's.

This programme, consisting of 10 sessions, has been designed specifically to give your talent the skills, awareness and confidence to be effective leaders within your business. The sessions are experiential and practical, with clear outcomes being delivered to ensure you receive a more skilled individual back in your organisation.

Being a part of the Top 30 is a 12 month process, giving you an employee that is recognised and valued, and then invested in and upskilled on a programme that would ordinarily cost £2,500 to attend.

If you have someone you wish to highlight, recognise and invest in, please nominate or if you want to find out more, please submit your interest.


The LEAP Programme has been included for all winners of a TOP 30 Under 30 Award. The Programme usually costs £2,500 per person. Having this available as part of the TOP 30 Award is tremendous value for the individual winner and the businesses they represent.

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meet the coaches

John Borland

All of John’s work is geared toward empowering people to find ways to develop themselves. He is an Accredited Master Coach, critically acclaimed author and the host of The John Borland Podcast. He’s also the co-founder and director of Spacious Coaching, a thriving coaching and training company based in the north of England.

Since becoming a professional coach in 2008 John has worked with a vast range of people from children to Chief Executives.

He also trains coaches and has designed and delivered coaching courses from introductory level through to accredited diploma. He started his working life as a professional footballer, studied at university and then spent the best part of a decade leading teams within the third sector, living and working amongst some of the most deprived communities in Britain.

He currently lives with his wife and three children in North Lincolnshire.

Dominic Colenso

A specialist in communication and leadership, Dominic Colenso has been delivering training and one-to-one coaching in the private and public sectors for the last 10 years. He is the author of “IMPACT: How to be more confident, increase your influence and know what to say under pressure”.

Beginning his career as a professional actor, he worked extensively on stage and screen before training as a director at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Performing in many of the UK’s leading theatres including The National Theatre and The Royal Court, Dominic has appeared on film in everything from BBC period dramas to big budget action movies. He is best known for playing the role of Virgil Tracy in the Hollywood adaptation of Thunderbirds with Bill Paxton and Sir Ben Kingsley.

Dominic’s experience and fascination in how the body, breath and voice can influence performance led him to set up his communication skills training consultancy In Flow and to launch his career as a keynote speaker. Dominic and the In Flow team work with individuals and businesses around the world to help them speak and perform under pressure.

Nicola Ellwood

Nicola is a master coach, and leadership and communication specialist. She has spent decades helping leaders develop themselves to be their best through helping them become equipped with excellence in communication skills, heightened self-awareness and the ability to lead highly engaged teams.

With a Masters in Coaching (MSc) and being a certified trainer of NLP, she has worked internationally as coach and leadership developer, within well-known brands and institutions.

She brings a positive energy to the room, she loves what she does and it shows.

Each leap session is summary
What Coaching Really Is and How to Use It
Coaching transforms people, teams and whole organisations because it not only empowers individuals to develop and grow, but it also changes cultures. Truly understanding what coaching really is and how to use it, provides the greatest of resources to create real and lasting empowerment for those around you.  

This workshop will demystify coaching and help you to recognise how to use the power of coaching in all areas of your day to day life. Understanding these underlying principles of coaching, will mean your professional and personal conversations will never be the same again.
Outcome: By the end of this session you will ….
  • Know what coaching really is and isn’t.
  • Learn how to implement a coaching approach in conversations.
  • Understand when coaching is and isn’t appropriate.
Fearless Communication
Too often the voices in our head hold us back. We don’t speak up when we should and when we do our message is muddled and fails to land. Communicating with confidence is one of the most important tools in your toolkit. If you want to grow your confidence and increase your influence, you need to get clear on your intention and control your mindset. In this highly practical session, you’ll discover the six key pillars of effective communication. You’ll be challenged to increase your awareness of how you currently communicate and to identify areas for growth. Sharing powerful tools and strategies from the worlds of acting and sport that will help you capture your audience’s attention and leave them wanting more. You’ll also discover how to quiet your mind and prepare to perform under pressure when it matters most. Whether you’re talking on the phone, writing an email or leading a meeting this session will lay the foundations for fearless communication.
Outcome: By the end of this session you will ….
  • Learn strategies for calming your nerves and increasing your confidence.
  • Discover a simple framework for planning your communication.
  • Unlock the power of emotion and make your message land.
Creating Quality Listening and Questioning
The quality of your listening and questioning determines how valued, motivated, challenged and inspired those around you feel. They are the most important aspects of your communication with others, yet most of us don’t really understand the skill required to create deep listening and empowering questions. In truth, we aren’t as good at these as we often like to think we are.

This workshop will enable you to recognising the true importance of your listening and questioning and the impact you have on others. Developing these two skills will improve the way others relate to you and enhance the quality of your professional and personal relationships.
Outcome: By the end of this session you will ….
  • Know the 4 levels of listening and the difference they make.
  • Understand how to deepen your listening.
  • Learn how to ask Heart rather than Head questions.
What drives inspiring leadership
Leadership is like gravity - people want to follow great leaders. They feel compelled to and are motivated to follow.

Inspiring leaders deeply connect to their sense of purpose and are clear on their vision for the future. Their teams as a result buy into that purpose and share the excitement for where their leader wants to take them. They feel they belong and a keep contributor to the journey. Deeply self-aware of the part they play in leading the organisation they have conversations with their people that connect them and engage them to the future.

During this module, the delegates will be introduced to the key elements of ‘how’ great leaders inspire and engage their people.
Outcome: By the end of this session you will ….
  • Their ‘why’ – the purpose behind what they do; the ‘spark that ignites their engine’.
  • Their values – their internal ‘sat nav’ that helps them understand why they thrive and can show up as their best amongst others.
  • Their vision – what living and breathing their purpose and values looks like.
Powerful Performance
How you show up counts. The unconscious signals you send determine how your words are received. Whether written or spoken, your message is impacted by the mind-body link. Crack the code and your audience will pay more attention to what you have to say. But presence is just one part of the equation. Understanding your audience is vital too. How good are you at reading the room? How quickly can you adapt your style so that you’re speaking your audience’s language? Building on the foundations of the last session, this workshop will sharpen your awareness and help you perform more effectively. We’ll explore how your body language and voice impact your communication and you’ll come away with easy to implement techniques to help you increase your gravitas and make your message heard. You’ll also discover the secret to understanding your audience and flexing your communication style to help you reduce conflict and increase understanding. This session will give you the tools to deliver a more powerful performance.
Outcome: By the end of this session you will ….
  • Understand the mind body link and how to have more gravitas.
  • Learn how to use your voice to ensure your message is heard.
  • Discover how to read your audience and speak their language.
Transactional Analysis & Me
Understanding how you interact with others and the effect you have on people is vital for quality leadership and effective teamwork. Many of us approach our interaction with others from a limited awareness of how we impact people and therefore we approach everybody the same. Raising your awareness will enable you to have greater range and flexibility within your interactions and therefore create more effective and motivating conversations.

This workshop will introduce you to some of the basic principles of Transactional Analysis and the way these affect both yourself and others. Developing your own awareness of how yourself and others are motivated and demotivated.
Outcome: By the end of this session you will ….
  • Understand the Drama Triangle and how to avoid it.
  • Recognise your own personal Drivers and those of others.
  • Understand the PAC model and your own ego.
Who am I as a leader – exploring my ‘Leadership brand’
Being a leader is not a title – you cannot be a leader by simply rising the ranks of management. A leader is someone who positively influences; someone who influences people to progress and go on a journey. Leaders do not motivate - they create the conditions for people to feel motivated. Inspiring leaders show people who they are, whilst being their best, most productive self. They connect with the people they work with and their energy makes people feel good.

Their ‘brand’ of leadership is consistently clear for people to observe and connect with. And as a consequence, their people understand them, like them, want to work with them, and want to follow them.

During this session, delegates will develop their own leadership ‘brand’ and explore how they use this to create motivation within others.
Outcome: By the end of this session you will ….
  • The story of who they are.
  • How they ‘show up’ in their colleagues’ world when being their best.
  • How they make people feel when they are their best leader.
How to be an engaging leader
The most productive, high performing organisations have highly engaged employees. Countless studies show that the number one influencer of employee engagement is the relationship the employee has with their line manager. Employees who are highly engaged are committed to their organisation’s objectives, they are motivated to achieve them and feel that they have a high sense of their own wellbeing at the same time. Engaging managers and leaders create the conditions for employee engagement to happen. Research shows that they utilise a very specific skill set and mindset to do this.
Outcome: By the end of this session you will ….
  • The conditions they must create for others to engage and thrive.
  • Their skills and behaviours that create these conditions.
  • The mindsets and approaches of the most engaging, high performing leaders.
  • They will come away clear on what they need to do to be an engaging leader, and how they will do it.
Presenting With Impact
Pitches and presentations can be career defining moments. When they go well, they have the power to propel you forward. If they go badly the consequences can be huge. “Death by PowerPoint” and “Information Overload” need to be avoided at all cost. If you want to engage your audience and leave them wanting more, you need to blend a great performance with content that sparks curiosity and engagement. Great presentations are like great movies or novels, they have an underlying structure that takes the audience on a journey, leaving them different at the end of the interaction than they were at the beginning. In this session we’ll explore how to craft a compelling presentation and look at the building blocks of world class story telling. You’ll learn how to kick off a talk with a bang and develop techniques for holding your audience’s attention until the very last word. Combing the skills learned in the previous sessions you’ll leave the workshop with all the tools you need to consistently present with impact.
Outcome: By the end of this session you will ….
  • Learn how to structure a presentation to create maximum engagement.
  • Discover the power of frameworks and how to speak confidently “off the cuff”.
  • Learn the secret formula for starting a presentation with a bang.
Ownership, Confidence & Resilience
Taking ownership, having self confidence and developing resilience are all key skills in becoming all you are capable of being. Without each of these we always fall short of our best. It is easy to recognise the importance of ownership, confidence and resilience, but often we simply accept the level of these that we have and don’t realise that they can be grown and developed.

This workshop will enable you to understand and grow your own levels of ownership, confidence and resilience. By being aware of  your own excuses, fears and demotivators, you will be able to discover ways to move beyond these and develop your inner resolve.
Outcome: By the end of this session you will ….
  • Recognise the 4 ownership positions and how to lead people forward from each of them.
  • Develop your confidence through your Comfort, Stretch and Panic Zones.
  • Understand your own resilience and how to create more of it.

Eye-opening, Engaging, unique

Motivating, Inspiring and Unique

“Before I attended, I thought it would be like all the other leadership courses I have been on, but it is definitely not! What this program does is it takes away all the jargon and technical theory and I can translate the learning into real scenarios in my personal and work life. John and Steve make it so simple and I love that about it.”

Danielle Thomas
Eye-opening, Engaging, Transferable

“The programme is so thought provoking, it has me looking at leadership, coaching, mentoring in a completely different way. Also, I'm surprised at how much I have learnt about myself whilst being on this program and in particular the parts of me that hold me back as a leader and how to address my own bad habits.”

Chloe Horton
Empowering, Insightful and Motivating

“It’s worth your time to take part in these sessions – you will learn much more about yourself as an individual, and how you are with others in and out of work. Each session has made me have a ‘lightbulb’ moment about myself and how I can apply different approaches personally and professionally.”

Emma Palmer
Insightful. Thoughtful. Relevant.

“I found it much more beneficial than expected. It made me think about areas of my work life that I hadn’t considered before. It's been really thought provoking. It challenges core skills that we often don’t give enough attention, benefiting us in the business world.”

Mike Hogan
Inspiring, Thought-provoking, Supportive

“I have found out more about myself since starting the programme than I had in the 5 years previous. The sessions give you the tools to reflect on who you actually are, it makes you think about what you actually think and feel rather than what you ”should” think and feel. They give you the power to be yourself through everything you do and when you are true to your values in sharing ideas and decision making you are so much more likely to succeed and help other people come along with you.”

Emily Gallagher
Interesting, Inspiring, Fantastic

“What surprised me most, was the different backgrounds of all the other winners For anyone who wins in the future, you have to attend. The biggest impact the programme has had on me is how I now understand how my core values motivate me, it's been really inspiring attending.”

Rich McAlpin
Really good value

“Being in the TOP 30 alongside like minded people who have been, are in, or will be in the same position as you is an invaluable experience. The TOP 30 is not what you expect, or will have ever done before, this is different – good different.”

Billie Mcloughlin
Enlightening, innovative, informal!

“It has opened my eyes to so much: the need to slow down, the need to listen more and the need to obliterate the word ‘err’ from my vocabulary are just a few of them. This has helped me substantially with clients and also presenting seminars and has taught me skills which I will use for the rest of my life!“

Josh Richardson
Valuable opportunity for growth.

“That every single session is so relevant. I have learnt so much from all of the sessions. Pushing out of my comfort zone is something I’ve always been encouraged to do and the programme has shown me that there are many skills you can learn to help you along the way."

Lindsay Cooke
Interesting, Insightful, Informative

“You won’t regret it and you’ll learn a lot about yourself,you’ll be put out of your comfort zone sometimes but it’s really worth it once you come away and reflect on the experiences. It’s made me think a lot about someingrained habits I didn’t even realise I had and helped me to make improvementsthat I can keep building on in the future."

Kim Urry
Fun, motivating, interesting

“My confidence has grown massively whilst been on the programme, I would advise to get stuck in and make the most of every session. I was very nervous about the programme, not only have I made friends but pushed myself out of my comfort zone and realised the can do attitude. "

Michael Bulmer
Self-developing, Beneficial, Directional

“The LEAP programme allowed me to have a clearer idea of the direction of my career and the approaches to take to stand the best chance of achieving my goals. The programme has changed the way I communicate with people in a professional environment. I have noticed a massive change in the way I deliver a message in a variety of situations and it has helped a lot."

Neil Russell

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, it may seem daunting walking into a room of people that you don’t know but as the programme goes on you get to know people, and you realise everyone is in the same boat. Having a network of people in Hull is really valuable."

Shardee Manzouri