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My scheme has a clear vision.

I want to give young people the confidence, skills and support to be the very best they can be. I want them to thrive in their career, enjoy their work and make an invaluable contribution to their employer. By recognising high performing young professionals and setting them on a development path towards senior leadership, the Top 30 Under 30 scheme has been created to achieve all of that.

The benefits for businesses are clear. We are helping them to mould their bright young stars into the leaders of tomorrow, harnessing their potential to make a real difference now while supporting succession planning for decades into the future. Employees who are happy, feel valued and are progressing in their career with you are much more likely to stay, ensuring you retain your brightest talent and reducing the need to recruit.

If this is a vision that resonates with you, I would like to invite you to support our work through our sponsorship and partnership opportunities, which can be seen.

I look forward to working with you for the benefit of young people, local businesses and the region’s economy.

Simon Jones

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Top 30 Under 30 is THE positive beacon for young professionals in the region.

We believe that for businesses to maximise their potential, we have to develop outstanding future leaders and retain our top talent.

Our scheme is set up to elevate the appeal of working in this region and to help raise awareness of the opportunities available right here. We do this by recognising, developing and showcasing high performing talent.

Through our LEAP Programme, Top 30 Under 30 provides a platform to develop essential leadership skills, enabling our young people to maximise their potential and become effective future leaders of our businesses. Harnessing the promise of existing young talent is the key to competing and performing on a regional, national and international level for decades to come.

In the six years since our launch, we have recognised and developed 180 young people, supporting countless promotions and helping to change lives forever.

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Help us shape the future.

Demonstrate your commitment to developing young talent, showcase your brand as a champion of talent in the region and take the opportunity to contribute to our future direction.

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Celebrate outstanding young people with us.

Get your brand out there at the region’s most uplifting and vibrant awards ceremony. Our event sponsorship packages enable you to align your business with a movement that’s doing great things for young people and businesses in the region.

Does this sound like something you want to get behind?

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