What does the event aim to achieve?

The event aims to become a positive beacon of prosperity and talent within the Hull & Humber region. The aim is to show locally, regionally and nationally that the Hull & Humber region offers real prospects and opportunity through showcasing and celebrating the best, up and coming talent.

How will this event benefit you?

The Top 30 Under 30 award ceremony is the only awards evening in the area that celebrates young talent.

The event will bring together 30 local businesses with exceptional employees to recognise, not entrepreneurs or the directors, but the staff; the people who contribute on a daily basis to pushing your business towards growth, profitability and overall success.

Our event will put Hull on the map for producing and developing the business leaders of the future.

The Hull and Humber area is a hub for business in Yorkshire. Addressing the current skills gap in the area, our aim is to support the agenda to create a vibrant environment that inspires young people and adults to maximise their own business potential. We want to promote the Hull and Humberside talent pool and prove that Yorkshire businesses have teams capable of competing with our rivals in the rest of the UK.

The Awards will also give you the opportunity to promote your winning team before other successful companies in the area.

Not to mention the ongoing PR opportunities available if your nominees are winners of our award.

You can make your staff feel appreciated.

Let them know that their work within your business is deserving of more than standard praise. Rewarding their outstanding work and attitude will help you to secure high staff morale and will set the bar and raise aspirations for the rest of your team. This event will help you shed a positive light to those who are with you, and those who have yet to join.

When will the Top 30 Under 30 Awards take place?

The awards evening will be held in April 2019 at the KCOM Stadium. Exact date is due to be confirmed soon.

An invitation will be sent out to all shortlisted nominees and guests ahead of the event.

How can you get involved?

All you must do to take part in the event is nominate up to two employees who you deem worthy of winning our Top 30 Under 30 Award to let us know why they deserve to be shortlisted.

There will also opportunities for you to put your name on the event with one of our sponsorship packages allowing you to promote your services to some of the top business people in your area.

When is the entry deadline?

Nominations must be submitted by submitted by Thursday 31st January 2019.

How can you submit a nomination?

To submit your nomination, fill in the form below and add your contact details along with a maximum of 500 words into the nomination form, explaining why your nominee deserves to win an award. The four key assessment areas will be on:

Career & Development
Impact on Current Employer
Their Story & Journey
Wider Impact

What makes an employee worthy of an award?

A Top 30 Under 30 employee will go further than above and beyond. They are exceptional.

They may have overcome adversity to fill the role they currently hold or may act as a source of inspiration and motivation for their colleagues. They may have solved business problems or taken on extra responsibilities and have exceeded expectations with the way they have handled them. They may have implemented changes to the business that improve productivity, delighted customers, or improved profitability.

Importantly, the nominee must be under 30 years of age when the entry deadline closes on Friday 18th January 2019.

What happens after you enter?

All nominations will be judged and the Top 30 nominees will be shortlisted. All shortlisted nominees will receive an email invitation to the awards evening and will be asked to attend a short video interview on one of two available dates ahead of the event to provide more information about themselves and their company.

Where can you buy tickets and sponsorship packs?

Email us to purchase tickets and sponsorship packages.

When will I know if our employee has been shortlisted?

Invitations will be sent out to shortlisted nominees on Friday 18th January 2019.


The process is simple; to give your colleague the chance to win our Top 30 Under 30 award, all you need to do is explain to us why they deserve to win. The reasons you give at this nomination stage can be brief, as we will contact you to find out more if shortlisted. Our assessment will be focused around the following criteria:

Career & Development
Impact on Current Employer
Their Story & Journey
Wider Impact

If they are successfully shortlisted, an invitation to our prestigious awards evening will arrive for your acceptance. Should you choose to attend, your company may be the proud winner of a Top 30 Under 30s award and the success story of your team recognised before a room of your colleagues, competitors and clients. 

Deadlines for entry Friday 18th January 2019.

Free to enter – T&C’s for successful applicants. £750 + VAT should their application be successful. Winners will enter into our 2019 LEAP Training Program, feature in a 1 minute video of their personal success story and receive two tickets to the celebration event on Friday 12th April at the KCOM Stadium.
The shortlist of successful nominations will be announced on Thursday 31st January 2019.
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